Protect your chimney so it can protect you!

Your chimney protects you from dangerous gases and vapors entering into your home and poisoning the air you breathe. Help your chimney function properly with one of our many great liners – all of which come with a lifetime warranty!  While we would be happy to discuss you liner options in detail, here are some quick descriptions of the liners we can offer you!

Heatshield® Chimney Liners

A great alternative to stainless steel liners – Heatshield® can easily restore the integrity of your chimney. It removes the risk of fire by covering over gaps and cracks in your flue wall. Your chimney will be as safe as it was the day it was built with a new Heatshield® liner installed by the experts at Central Masonry.


If you have a historical home equipped with a less-than-adequate chimney, you may find yourself facing the difficult decision of whether or not to undergo a total rebuild. Thermocrete liners can fill in any of the gaps and cracks in your home’s chimney from top to bottom so you don’t need to sacrifice the history of your home just to use your fireplace or wood-burning stove. This ceramic liner is cost effective and can be installed exclusively by Central Masonry and will help to strengthen your chimney significantly with minimal downsizing of your flue space.

Other types of chimney liners

Central Masonry will talk with you to figure out the best liner for your chimney.  In addition to Heatshield® and Thermocrete, we also can provide you with a stainless steel liner, aluminum liner, or flue tiles if you are building a new chimney.  Our professional team will share with you its years of knowledge and experience during your FREE consultation.

Custom-fit chimney caps

The experts at Central Masonry are able to install a chimney cap or guard on any kind of chimney or vent, no matter the shape or size. Our trained staff will work with you to find the perfect cap for you and can even install dampers to help prevent heat loss in the winter and save you money on your heating bills!

We can now line any chimney!

Don’t destroy your chimney.  Ask about our custom-fit ceramic liners instead!